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Platelet Rich Fibrin




Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a technology that uses your body’s own natural and powerful healing proteins and concentrated growth factors found within blood to rejuvenate skin, treat hair loss and speed recovery. With a simple blood draw, a concentration of natural growth factors in your own blood can be collected and used to stimulate and treat your skin. The protocols established to produce platelet rich fibrin in its most concentrated format (C-PRF) were actually developed by lead researchers at CARE Esthetics.
Following the various spin cycles, PRF injections and microneedling may then be utilized to infuse facial tissues and hair follicles with regenerative growth factors and cells that stimulate, repair and rejuvenate damaged areas within the body. Since no additives are used, it forms a “super” blood clot with significantly elevated concentrations of regenerative cells and growth factors capable of stimulating healing.

PRF is 3x more

effective than PRP

You may have heard of platelet rich plasma (PRP), a first generation platelet concentrate. One of the downsides of this procedure was that additional use of the anti-coagulants (chemical additives) prevents clotting and thereby diminishes the full potential benefits of platelet concentrates. Recent studies have shown that PRF is up to 3 times more effective than its previous PRP formulations.
The entire procedure takes between 15-30 minutes. Ask your doctor if you have questions.
The procedure is virtually painless and relies on a simple blood draw as utilized in everyday blood labs.
When tissues are required to heal, they need certain proteins and growth factors that stimulate healing. These are naturally found in the human body. The Bio-PRF method produces up to 6-8 times more regenerative cells when compared to whole blood. That means more growth factors, more ways to fight infections, and reduced post-op pain using what is naturally found in the body.

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