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Bio-Filler made

with PRF


THE Bio-Filler Protocol

Research on PRF has been widespread in medicine, and has recently been introduced to doctors focused in facial esthetics. The Bio-Filler protocol has resulted in positive outcomes and proven to induce collagen synthesis when implanted within the superficial layers of skin and the dermis. This technology has the special ability to form a stable clot following heating, which provides superior volume enhancement when compared to standard PRP/PRF.

Bring Up The Heat

Heating your blood plasma makes FILLERS last longer by several months. We have a scientifically proven way to extend the life of natural facial fillers by utilizing an exclusive heating process. Heating of blood plasma extends the working properties of PRF by several months (also called e-PRF). While one of the previous limitations of PRP was its faster resorption rate when compared to PRF, we developed the Bio-Heat system to greatly extend the life of PRF. Our exclusive protocol for fillers are called Bio-Fillers for this reason.

Safe for individuals with allergies and auto-immune diseases.

Certain types of artificial facial fillers may lead to problems for individuals with allergy complications and various forms of autoimmune limitations. Our natural and scientifically precise methods are safe for our friends with health concerns.

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